FCP BAY 1 - FInal Cut Pro / 30+ TB Fiber storage / Decklink HD Pro / Broadcast Display
LED Flat Screen / Logic audio / Genelec 1030A 5.1 Surround / Guitar's / Bass / Mandolin / Banjo

Avid DS & Avid Symphony Bay - Avid DS 10.52 with Tinder plugin suite Symphony V6 With BCC 8 /
Photoshop / 8 TB Avid Promise Storage, AJA Xena 2K, Sony Broadcast Monitor with HDSDI option / Digibeta / Genelec 8030A

Avid Promise 8TB SAS Raid Array - This array adds protection in the event of drive failure and is
hooked up to battery backup to ensure you have no issues with your data should there be power failure..

Client QC and chill area
- Videotek VTM 320 Digital scope